Alpha Starting Up Again

9 May 2018 | General Interest

Preparing to Welcome Alpha Guests

Alpha is an outreach of hospitality from the whole parish. Before we can begin to invite guests to Alpa we need to prepare for them so that their experience at Chatswood is one of wonderful hospitality.

Alpha is for everyone. It provides a fresh opportunity to look at the basics of Christian faith in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.

People who have lost connection with the Church, parents who have presented their children for baptism and the sacraments but have lost contact with the Church themselves, those that only come to Church for Christmas, Easter, weddings and funerals and those who come to Mass occasionally but feel they want to deepen their relationship with Jesus will all benefit from Alpha.

Have you experienced Alpha? Please consider being part of one of the Alpha programs in a different way as part of an Alpha taskforce. The more people who volunteer for one of the many tasks, the less the time commitment will be for volunteers.

There is a role for everyone. Begin thinking about who you might invite to experience Alpha. Publicity will begin as soon as there are sufficient volunteers to run the Alpha programs.

There are sign-up sheets to fill out in the entrance of the Church. The more volunteers, the easier the work will be. If you are able to assist on any of the teams shown below for at least one or two Alpha sessions that would be wonderful!

- Welcoming team - greeting and registering guests, preparing name tags, directing guest to groups

- Environment team - creatively preparing the Alpha venue to be as attractive and welcoming as possible

- Host and helpers - groups hosts facilitate the groups to allow everyone to speak. Be able to attend Facilitating Conversations formation sessions in June (1:30-2:45pm from 4 and 18 June OR 7-8:15pm 6 and 13 June) Helpers support the Hosts by affiming and encouraging the guest throughout Alpha

- MCs - if you are at eas with speaking to groups of people, and know that you have a gift for putting people at ease and most particular, enjoy assisting people to feel comfortable and supported, this role is for you. The role might be rostered to several people.

- Tech team - set up and operate data projector, laptop and audio equipment

- Music team - live music is a wonderful addition to Alpha. Musicians and singers are welcome for some or all Alpha sessions

- Set up and Pack up Team - vital 'behind the scenes' work of setting up tables and chairs and packing up and clearing away afterwards

- Shopping team - working in partnership with the cooking team to gather the items for the menu

- Cooking team - establishing a simple menu and preparing food

- Kitchen team - organising the itchen for serving food, tea and coffee, washing up and cleaning the kitchen at the end of the sessions

We will be having 3 Alpha programs running with different times to suit different people.

Alpha for Young People - Sunday 22 July - Sunday 23 September, 12:30pm-3pm

Daytime Alpha - Monday 23 July - Monday 24 September, 10am-12pm

Evening Alpha - Wednesday 25 July - Wednesday 26 Septmeber, 7pm-9pm

For more info go here or email